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Melissa Bel


June 9, 2014


Melissa is very excited to be performing for the first time at the 2014 NXNE Festival which is taking place from June 13th-22nd in Toronto. She will be playing at the Free Times Cafe (320 College St) on Friday, June 20 at 1am. To purchase festival tickets please visit: 

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January 19, 2015

La Voix! Taking on "The Voice" en francais...

La Voix! Taking on

Back in August, I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and audition for "La Voix", which is "The Voice" in Quebec. Why audition for a French-speaking show in Quebec you ask? I've been learning some French here and there since my first show in Montreal a few years ago, but this is some serious French immersion. But I say pourqoui pas audition?! I love playing in Quebec, and although the challenge of learning a new language as I go - and while on TV - is terrifying, it's an exciting and new experience that I no doubt will learn A LOT from. I've heard that if you're not uncomfortable, you're not growing! I made it through to the "Auditions à l'Aveugle" ("Blind Auditions") which aired last night, and after 2 coaches turned around, I joined the lovely Isabelle Boulay's team! You can join me on my journey on Facebook and the La Voix Website, et merci pour votre support! Xoxo

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